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Chat: Jason Parkinson

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Interviewer: 60 Minutes presents a live interview with solicitor, Jason Parkinson.

Interviewer: Welcome Jason to our live online chatroom.

Jason Parkinson: Thank you for watching the show and for supporting the men from Boystown

Interviewer: Lets get straight into our questions ...

Colin asks: I was at Boystown in 1974. It was horrible. I escaped once and was caught. Who are the lawyers involved and what is the name of the Police Task Force please?

Jason Parkinson: Jason Parkinson, Porters Lawyers is looking for any witness to come forward. And the Police Operation Lariat and the QLD Detective Newton is in charge.

alexcaty asks: I really felt for all of you. I am listening and I believe you and I hope they all get justice for what they did to you all. You are all amazing men to still be here after all you’ve been through and an inspiration for speaking about it and putting it out there. I hope you can all get some justice for what they did to you and know that we are all there thinking of you and giving you our support. xxx

Jason Parkinson: Thank you very much, I'll pas that on to all the men. They certainly need all of our help, best wishes.

Sarah123 asks: Jason, what do you think these revelations will mean for the current services provided by boystown?

Jason Parkinson: I would hope that the Boystown charity now considers helping these men who suffered so much as boys. Hopefully they'll be able to get some assistance through the charity.

jimblack1974 asks: Hi. I just wanted to ask Jason about contacting him about a similar matter. I was born in 1974 and placed in care at St Vincents Hospital in Toowoomba for adoption. The conditions of adoption from my natural mother was I was to be adopted into a cough good catholic family. I'm not sure what the screening process was for people wanting to adopt back then but i was adopted into a family where the father was an alcoholic with mental heath issues pre me birth and turned out to also be a paedophile. I was abused for a long time starting as young as 6 until he also abused the boy next door. This boy told his mother and the chain reaction then started. Too long a story for now but what i want to know is, is there any way of finding out what happened with the whole screening process and is there anything we can do about it now. Thanks

Jason Parkinson: If you can go to my website ( and leave me a message, I will contact you.

MickAU asks: what about current allegations of sexual misconduct by the brothers in Victoria, are they being handled by the same legal people

Jason Parkinson: We are acting for victims of child sexual abuse by Priest and Brothers throughout Australia, including the Victorian cases.

AClonyBoy asks: I have just seen the Boys Town Story, I have empathy with those boys and applaud their bravery. I was at another boys town run by the brothers in Perth in the 50's, Clontarf boys Town and Castledaire boys home. I can not, to this day talk to anyone about what went on, pain and fear intermingled with shame are what I have carried for so long. I want to explode but cant, who would believe it but those of us who experienced it, I can still taste the tobacco breathe as I was tongue kissed and fondled ~ But who will listen and believe?

Jason Parkinson: I will be in Perth tomorrow, and if you wish to contact me please leave a message on my website (

Colin asks: How do I obtain my files for the time I was there? It was only for a few weeks I think. I ran away twice and when I was taken to a doctor i complained to him as well. Next thing I was out of there.

Jason Parkinson: There has been agreement with the De La Salle that all records that I request will be forwarded to me. If you like, please get in contact with me through my website (

Aussie asks: Do you face any time restrictions like we did as to us it happened over 50 years ago.

Jason Parkinson: The limitation act works against victims of child sexual abuse, however, there are ways that the harshness of the act can be dealt with, particularly where victims have suffered from depression or physiocratic injures as a result of their abuse.

NotJustBT asks: Do you have reports of similar abuse from other institutions?

Jason Parkinson: Sadly, we have.

maddie asks: Was wondering how they could potentially sue the church, when they are not themselves a 'person' rather a under a trust scheme?

Jason Parkinson: Boystown is owned and operated by the De La Salle brothers and the principal of the orders at the time are liable for the other brother's abuses.

Anonymous asks: Are the boys that were in BoysTown going to be compensated somehow? It is a terrible thing that their childhoods were ruined like that.

Jason Parkinson: We have launched actions in the supreme court of Queensland, so that these men can obtain justice according to law - and not so insulting sum the abusers would like to pay.

dinkydi asks: How can we support these men-do we still support Boystown via their raffles?

Jason Parkinson: Perhaps you should send an email to the Boystown charity and ask them for their opinion and what should best be done for these men.

josie asks: I was a ward of the state and endured the very same things as these boys endured. why are the government homes not being investigated

Jason Parkinson: Clearly there were insufficient government checks on Boystown at the time, the more modern policy is for foster care and keeping family together rather than an institution like Boystown. Hopefully these horrors will not happen again.

carol4814 asks: I had a lot to do with Boystown around 1990-95 and rather shocked at the allegations. What years are they concentrating on?

Jason Parkinson: I represent the men who were there from 1971 up until Boystown was closed in 2001.

jimblack1974 asks: Hi im trying to find a solicitor to take me case against the QLD adoption agency due to being adopted into a family where the father was an alcoholic, had pre-existing mental issues and was a paedophile.

Jason Parkinson: Please leave a message on my website ( and I'll be happy to discuss.

Sam20045 asks: Are the clergy still running these religious institutions for boys in Australia?

Jason Parkinson: We live in more enlighten times and fortunately they have taken away child welfare for the day to day care from religious groups.

Sam20045 asks: Are the legal battles realistically winnable? The Catholic Church never really allows their clergy to face imprisonment etc.

Jason Parkinson: These cases are very winnable, provided as many victims from Boystown come forward to have their day in court.

StevenB asks: Have the DLS Brothers released any official statement about the allegations?

Jason Parkinson: No they haven't. We hope the notoriety they have now received will prompt them to make an apology.

Revell81 asks: My husband spent time at boystown in his early to mid teens, he finds it difficult to talk about what he went through there, he is now 36, I was wondering if there is any contacts that might be helpful for us, thank you

Jason Parkinson: If you would like to contact me through my website (, I'd be happy to speak to him and refer him to a psychologist I deal with who may be able to help.

josie asks: Jason this forum is only for victims of the Catholic church. If this happened to other children in Australia who were wards of the state they have no avenue?

Jason Parkinson: The QLD government sent children to the De La Salle brothers Boystown where they were assaulted. That is why the DLS are liable in this case. Each case involving the state government has to be looked at on it's own facts.

Sam20045 asks: Are you able to say how many witnesses/victims will be in the investigation. Are there alot? There was alot on the show...Are there alot more?

Jason Parkinson: I'm presently acting for 35 men, and they span in time from 1971 until 2002. Very many boys went to Boystown and we expect many more witnesses and victims to come forward.

charlotte asks: What has been the response from boystown that is currently operating. I have purchased tickets in many lotteries. Tonight’s story made me feel physically sickened for supporting them. The story didn’t go far as to say the relationship between the accused and boystown charity now. Is there still a relationship between them and has boystown issued a response? I feel horrified for supporting a charity that I thought was doing great things in the community and turned out to be do so much evil

Jason Parkinson: I can understand why you are saddened. Your question might be best answered by the Boystown charity themselves. Ask them what they are doing for the victims for Boystown.

bc.bundy.85 asks: What a disgrace, im going through similar things with my children at the moment no one will listen either im trying to get a forum going about family and community services...any ideas about who will help other than ombudsman minister of community and family services commissioner...I really need help my children are telling me things that there being abused probably as we speak now... its corrupt

Jason Parkinson: The child and sexual abuse squads of the various police forces take allegation of child sexual abuse very seriously indeed. I suggest you contact them.

Mischa asks: How is the legal action being funded? I would hate for a lack of funds to mean that any stone was left unturned in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Jason Parkinson: We are acting on behalf of all these men on a "no win no fee" bases, so they can all be legally represented against the Catholic Church's lawyers.

dlm987 asks: Is DoCS liable for placing myself in a harmful situation, I was fostered in 1999 and ended up being abused in my placement home. The person in question was convicted earlier this year. If so is there anything that can be done about it?

Jason Parkinson: If you'd like to leave a message for me on my website (, I'll contact you regarding your particular circumstance.

cheryle asks: I was in Victoria and Tasmania, I have not put in a claim in Victoria because was told no point is this true

Jason Parkinson: The statute of limitations is incredible unfair for victims of Child Sexual Assault, however it is not hopeless. Contact me about your personal circumstance (

janec71 asks: I'm not sure this is asked of the appropriate person? My question is: how can individual Australian's do something to help stop things like this happening?

Jason Parkinson: Anyone dealing with the welfare of children, whether in orphanages of schools has to abide by Child Welfare and Protection legislation and there needs to be constant monitoring of these services.

nomore asks: I received compensation via the Qld Government Redress scheme for abuse I suffered at Boystown will that prevent me from joining a class action

Jason Parkinson: No it definitely does not. You may still have a claim against the DLS order.

Interviewer: Jason, we have reached the conclusion of our chat this evening. Any final comments ?

Jason Parkinson: Thank you very much for your interest in the men of Boystown. If anyone has any information can they please contact me ( so that we can help them to get fair compensation from the courts and on going help.

Interviewer: This concludes our chat with Jason Parkinson, Sunday September 16, 2012.

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