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Chat: Simone Eyles

Monday, July 2, 2012

Interviewer: 60 Minutes presents a live interview with Simone Eyles from

Interviewer: Welcome to our live online chatroom tonight Simone! Simone Eyles: Thank you for having me tonight - I'm looking forward to the questions

Appy_343 asks: How does one make an App, after they have a good idea?

Simone Eyles: You need a developer or like the story said get a developer overseas. I think every second person has a great idea for an app but only a few can pull it off.

tcmbruce_22 asks: After you have submitted the app, is it copywritten?

Simone Eyles: We have innovation patent however in saying that people can copy your ideas but if you do it first, and do it the

best you can and offer something really great, you can never fail. aussiehedge_375 asks: hi i have an idea for an app i was quoted $30000 to have it developed in Australia. where did you get your app developed

Simone Eyles: We did our app ourselves, my business partner is a developer. There are companies that can do apps a lot cheaper, you just have to find them.

spurs_403 asks: Hi Simone, who did you see to take you from idea to completed app?

Simone Eyles: We did it all ourselves, it was done by us with an idea we had. We were talking on the phone and it took us a year to do it, and we are 18 months live now.

msmal11_325 asks: How do you get paid for selling the app? Is it like a Paypal site?

Simone Eyles: No, our app is free, the clients subscribe to our service, that's how we make money.

av80r_638 asks: Is it hard to make money off this, and what about the millions upon millions of app ideas already out there, with the thousands of different versions?

Simone Eyles: Yes and no. It's all about scale for us. Don't worry about what others are doing, if it's a great idea the people will come and use it.

rustyyy_951 asks: If planning to have an app developed like suggested, by an cheap indian programmer, how do you ensure your app will be developed and the idea not stolen?

Simone Eyles: You use a site like Freelancer - they have the skills to build apps you can't worry about the "what ifs" you just go and make it happen.

Paul_736 asks: I have an idea for an app that I believe would go very well. How do I find an experienced backer?

Simone Eyles: Again, there are a lot of websites but every second person says that. Make it and take it to someone and say "this is it" and there is opportunity. You have to bring something with you as there are so many out there.

JamesBrown_144 asks: Hi Simone, besides the basic design of your app, what technical documents did you have to supply to the programmer? Was this very difficult?

Simone Eyles: Again, my business partner is the programmer, so we have lots of whiteboards, notes and brainstorming. We made it, took it to market and then we tweaked it.

ChrisO_805 asks: Hi, I was wanting to know the average cost of building an app and who are the best companies to engage

Simone Eyles: Look on the internet, find apps that you like and get in touch with the developers, all the information is there.

Callum_167 asks: What’s your approach to marketing your product to coffee shops?

Simone Eyles: We run on an oily rag. It's a lot of word of mouth, we have people in the Riverina, Victoria and in New Zealand and it grows, mostly through word of mouth.

Entrepreneur_37 asks: And how much does it cost to develop an app?

Simone Eyles: It can cost anything from $1000 to $30,000 it depends on what it is, what it does. Is it a game that needs to be tweaked and grown? or, is it something static like Charlie's app which will always be heads or tails and it will sit on the App Store and not need to bet tweaked at all.

Willinact_348 asks: If I am the common guy and thinks I have a amazing idea, how can I get it out there?

Simone Eyles: Just like us, approach one person, tell them about it. They may say they want that, and then another person will do it. We are just two old uni housemates who had an idea.

bizzy_571 asks: do you recommend any professional app developer in particular? would you outsource overseas or keep in Australia developers

Simone Eyles: Again, we do everything in-house. We are in regional NSW we do everything locally and if we can do it that way, then why not. There are plenty of developers here look on the internet. Remember if you go overseas you can run into language and time zone problems, so it's best to keep it to Australia if you can.

msouza_424 asks: Am really curious about what programs you need to know to create an app?

Simone Eyles: x-code is the program which is an Apple program. Also Java Eclipse and HTML 5

JamesBrown_144 asks: Does apple really take 33% of app earnings? What about android?

Simone Eyles: I think it's 30% but I'm not sure as we don't sell our apps. Android take a cut but not much as Apple, I am not sure how much though.

AdamJones_77 asks: Hi Simone. Are there any courses that you recommend? If someone wanted to take their idea themselves and begin to develop it, what skills do you need?

Simone Eyles: I'm sure there are courses but I'd start with books and online tutorials and you'd also need to have an understanding of programming and software engineering.

BrendaP_239 asks: When you have an idea, how can you check if the app already exists - there are sooo many of them?

Simone Eyles: You can check at the App Store and yes there are so many of them. Then get it made. You will probably find there are others that are similar but you can't let that stop you. Just make sure you are not blatantly copying something that is already out there, you can't go wrong.

ToniF_34 asks: Hi Simone... was it a process that took a long time once you came up with the idea?

Simone Eyles: Hell YES ! We not only had to build it from nothing, we had to do everything that needs to be done to set up a business, protect our idea with our Innovation Patent. It took us a year to get it to go live. We put it to market as we wanted market to dictate how it needed to be, and we are already thinking of our next version. We were live for a year before we released our Android app. It is a lot of hard work and for the developer in particular with our app and what it does, it wasn't easy.

cl3dixon_381 asks: Where do you find good local developers, or work out who is good value, reputable etc?

Simone Eyles: Again, go to the App Store, if there is a developer you will see if they have one app or 25 apps. Test it out and if you like it, then go to that developer.

Binny_106 asks: Do you have customers order a coffee using the app, and arrive late because of traffic...And coffee is cold?

Simone Eyles: It's never ever happened in over 40,000 orders.

OkayRay_640 asks: what's an innovation patent? How much does it cost?

Simone Eyles: We applied for our Innovation Patent through IP Australia. There is a phenomenal amount of information from IP Australian about how to apply. An innovation patent for software is quite different to a traditional patent, you can say $200 to submit and register it (I am not sure of the exact amount) and then it gets done, and you could go further and engage a patent Attorney.

whereis_358 asks: Have you built your app for Andriod too... which platform would you focus on first

Simone Eyles: I would say we built our iPhone first and I personally believe people build iPhone first because of the vigorous process you go through with Apple. If you can never have you iPhone app you can never have an Android app. You want to get through the Apple process first before you move on to other platforms. Once you have done that you are free to do what you want.

qlander_269 asks: How do you make money from an App that has created 35000 coffee orders? The numbers tell me that there is not much profit in this App

Simone Eyles: It's all about scale - People think they can make an app and make a Million dollars. In 5 years time we hope to have a lot more clients. Our priority is to build a good reliable app.

Groggychef_47 asks: Given this is an international market, any tips on how to deal with this? Your app is already hitting a worldwide audience - are there any risks or worries, advice?

Simone Eyles: If we though about all the risks and worries we'd not do it. There are cafes that want it and we had to think about the app not the what-ifs and problems. Protect your idea there is a mountain of help and support out there through Govt, Local Govt and business. There are people who will help and guide you so seek them out and ask them to support you on your app journey.

clambstew_9 asks: Simone - I love your idea - have your thought of approaching a big company such as McDonalds with your app concept?

Simone Eyles: Thanks, yes it would be great for McDonalds to take on our app, do you know anyone I can contact?

millie_62 asks: Would you do another app say for your food and maybe charge the clients to purchase the app?

Simone Eyles: They can order food with our app, it's not just coffee. No matter what it is always free for the customer. Our business model is a subscription service, so businesses subscribe to us. It's about the cafe offering their existing service beyond their front door and that's the way we would like to keep it.

brigitte_794 asks: Hi Simone, how did you communicate the idea to your client base? Was it face to face?

Simone Eyles: Yes, I am out on the road banging on doors all the time. Now we have more exposure but I go to see people and give them a demo. We are very agile we do what it takes and we are about good service and looking after our product so that it grows.

glenn_335 asks: Hi Simone, thanks, how do you control things geographically, can the coffee credit be claimed by other participating stores? Is that a potential add on?

Simone Eyles: At the moment people can buy credit per individual shop, we have plans for our next release that might go that way.

Darren_228 asks: In regard to making money off the app, how is it taxed? do you require a ABN to have an app?

Simone Eyles: We are a business. You need to apply for a licence with Apple and they require your business documents.

ladyliss_771 asks: the idea I have is totally unique there IS no other out there yet and it could save lives I just don’t know where to go with it

Simone Eyles: Maybe speak to someone for example in Government to do with health, or speak to a developer and ask them to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Steve1981_582 asks: Can I employ your business partner to build my App?

Simone Eyles: We have work coming out of our ears we don't take on outside work as we are so busy with our own business right now.

merle486_401 asks: Simone - what gave you the idea to use an app for a coffee business - where did you get your inspiration from?

Simone Eyles: Awesome question. I love coffee, I love technology, I am busy and it was a big what if. I use my app lots of times every day. It was just one of those things. I was speaking to my business partner and we were having a laugh and we decided to give it a try and here we are talking to you about it.

Interviewer: Thanks very much for your time tonight Simone. Any final comments before we finish up this evening? :)

Simone Eyles: Thank you everyone for the questions. I'm a firm believer in doing it, take your idea and see how it goes, if it fails you had ago. Then try again. Thanks for having me tonight. Also, go to our website and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Interviewer: This concludes our chat with Simone Eyles, Sunday July 1, 2012.

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