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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reporter: Liam Bartlett

Producers: Jonathan Harley and Glenda Gaitz

There's no doubt sex sells. But wait till you see how astronomically well it sells on line.

There are around 350 million pornographic web sites. Every day, more than 250 new ones appear.

In fact, "sex" is the word most people search for on the net.

No wonder it's a billion dollar industry. Once X-rated material was an under-the-counter job.

Now, it's just a click away.

It's the new sexual revolution, re-writing all the rules, breaking all the old taboos.

You name it, you can get it. You can even be in it. All you need is a camera and a computer.

And we should warn again some parts of this story are quite explicit.

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Special features:

BLOG: Liam Bartlett talks about the making of the report and the human cost of being an online porn star.

Full transcript:

LIAM BARTLETT: It could be any street in any suburb anywhere in Australia, but in this Gold Coast backwater...

KIKI VIDIS: Hello. Welcome to my bedroom yet again. You're here with Kiki Vidis and I know you want me.

LIAM BARTLETT: I've found myself in one of the most bizarre and, I've got to say, awkward situations I've ever experienced.

KIKI VIDIS: I have a little confession to make, and that's that I absolutely love sex. It's a striptease, it's a diary and it satisfies most men.

LIAM BARTLETT: You can just do it all yourself with your own camera?

KIKI VIDIS: Yeah just me, the camera in my bedroom, you know. And I bet you wanna see them climb out, don't ya. A-ha, a-ha.

LIAM BARTLETT: Here in her bedroom, 19-year-old Kiki uses the latest technology to rehash one of sexuality's oldest cliches - the striptease.

KIKI VIDIS: It makes me feel good about myself, because I never used to be this confident at all, I was always just so put down by boys especially.

LIAM BARTLETT: And you'd hope to make a lot of money out of it?

KIKI VIDIS: Oh it's not really money that I'm after. It's more that I just like men kind of 'googling' over me. Stick it in the little USB slot...

LIAM BARTLETT: And they can Google all over Kiki within minutes.

KIKI VIDIS: It is already connected to the computer.

LIAM BARTLETT: A few megabytes uploaded...

KIKI VIDIS: Once it's saved you can post it on the web - no problem. Just upload file.

LIAM BARTLETT: Straight onto your web site and that's it?

KIKI VIDIS: Yep, web site, YouTube.

LIAM BARTLETT: ..and Kiki, the home-grown porn star, is born.

KIKI VIDIS: It makes me feel sexy. Every girl wants to feel sexy.

LIAM BARTLETT: The old boundaries - society's sense of what's decent, what's taboo - seem to be moving at broadband speed. Even just a few years ago, pole dancing was the preserve of sleazy strip clubs and brothels.

POLE DANCE STUDENT: You get the usual, "Oh, I can be your pole You can dance around me."

LIAM BARTLETT: Now it's mainstream, marketed as good, clean exercise.

POLE DANCE STUDENT: It's sexy, it's feminine, it's girly, it keeps you fit...

LIAM BARTLETT: And in the same way, thanks to the 'net, pornography is increasingly viewed as just an everyday thing.

KIKI VIDIS: Porn's not a dirty thing any more. It's fun, sex is fun. It shouldn't be, you know, just done in the bedroom and just done in secret and keep it to yourself.

LIAM BARTLETT: And then the whole world gets to see it?


LIAM BARTLETT: From Kiki Vidis to your most out-there fantasies, more than 28,000 people are viewing Internet porn every second. 266 new pornographic sites hit the web each day and that's on top of the 372 million already out there. With so many eyeballs, the money is gobsmacking.

JODIE MOORE: It has made me a fortune. I used the industry like it used me.

LIAM BARTLETT: What have you got?

JODIE MOORE: Seven homes, a Bentley, Rolex watch, diamonds... I mean, that's a fortune, right?

LIAM BARTLETT: Brisbane-born Jodie Moore is a fully-fledged, professional porn star, and she's cashing in on the Internet boom.

JODIE MOORE: It's just a money-making machine, you know, sex sells. It doesn't matter what you're doing, but you've gotta be smart. Gotta do it, gotta do it right.

FROM PORN FILM: You will make love to these women but not until the sun sets.

LIAM BARTLETT: Jodie has done just about everything you could imagine and a lot more that I can't tell you about, all playing to an ever expanding Internet audience.

JODIE MOORE: Liam, welcome to my world of sex.

LIAM BARTLETT: Is that one of your classics?


LIAM BARTLETT: 'The Scottish Loveknot'.

JODIE MOORE: There's probably, like, 500 DVDs out there of me. But, I'm just a small fish in a huge pond.

LIAM BARTLETT: When she started out 10 years ago, people got their porn the old-fashioned way. To get this product, you had to come into a shop like this. But now you can just go to the Internet and it's literally just a click of a mouse away, isn't it?

JODIE MOORE: Yep, it's just growing and growing and growing every year.

LIAM BARTLETT: Now, Jodie has her own web site with video downloads and even online sex toys.

JODIE MOORE: I'm all for the Internet, because that's what's happening right now, that's the new thing.

HOLLY HILL: One-in-four people are trawling the Internet for pornography and that makes it normal. It makes it healthy, it makes it average and that we all stop demonising such a pastime. You know, it's a good thing to be doing.

LIAM BARTLETT: Psychologist and sex writer Holly Hill is no shrinking violet. Porn's just a part of her life.

HOLLY HILL: We'll have a good evening tonight. I think everyone might have a good evening tonight.

LIAM BARTLETT: Holly's partner Phil is an avid porn viewer. He's among the more than 70% of Internet porn users who are men. Holly, be honest when did you find out that Phil was a porn consumer?

HOLLY HILL: Right up front, I guess. You know, our first and second dates he would have... if we had a romantic evening, you know, he would have the candles lit and the champagne on ice and the porn on the television and...

LIAM BARTLETT: He had the porn on the set?

HOLLY HILL: Absolutely, and it was a nice thing to walk into.

PHIL: This here, as you can see, is my DVD collection.

LIAM BARTLETT: Being the old-fashioned romantic, Phil couldn't bear to part with his video collection from the pre-Internet days. Walk into their living room and there it is in all its naked glory.

PHIL: There are some here with particular costumes that look fantastic.

LIAM BARTLETT: 'Extreme Rubber Girls'?

PHIL: Yes, indeed.

LIAM BARTLETT: And what's that - 'Unleashed'?

PHIL: 'Unleashed'.

LIAM BARTLETT: Well, I've got a box set 'Sopranos' at home - that's the difference between you and me.

HOLLY HILL: Men are creatures of their chemicals and when we expect them to cross their legs for the entire duration of their relationships and not watch things like pornography. It's extraordinarily naive and goes completely against their natural hard-wiring.

LIAM BARTLETT: And that hard-wiring is being well satisfied in this wireless world. Yes, now you can even get porn on your mobile phone. It seems where technology goes, porn is quickly following. Already, porn on mobile phone networks is worth a staggering $2 billion a year and Kiki Vidis is just one of many determined to cash in.

KIKI VIDIS: You know, get these sexy, horny girls now and, you know, you pay your $2.50 or whatever it is and you get your little sample and then you get hooked.

LIAM BARTLETT: And hooking viewers is what Kiki is all about. Back upstairs in her bedroom, she's weaving another weird fantasy.

KIKI VIDIS: Hello, you're in Kiki's bedroom again and today our special guest is Pluto. Say hello to Pluto. KIKI SPEAKING PLUTO VOICE: ruff ruff.

LIAM BARTLETT: Along the way, Kiki's contributing to Australia's ranking as the fifth-largest producer of Internet porn pages in the world. That's right, number five.

KIKI VIDIS: You know the calendar I've been going on about? KIKI SPEAKING PLUTO VOICE: Yes, I do.

KIKI VIDIS: Well this is me and there we go - I'm Miss June.

LIAM BARTLETT: Of course, the keenest users of new technology are young people and a quick street survey confirms any parents fears about what their kids are watching online.

MALE YOUTH: Pretty much by the age of thirteen, you know how to do it.

LIAM BARTLETT: Have you got anything on your phone?

MALE YOUTH: Let's see, gallery, folders - this is sent to me by a mate. Those chicks are naked.

LIAM BARTLETT: Oh, yeah, yeah.

MALE YOUTH: As you can see, that's another naked girl.


MALE YOUTH: There is no adult supervision. You can do everything yourself.

TEENAGE GIRL: No-one's really shocked, I think, in like, our generation about porn.

LIAM BARTLETT: Why, because it's everywhere?

TEENAGE GIRL: Yeah, pretty much.

LIAM BARTLETT: You two are part of the first generation exposed to so much porn. What do think the nett effect is?

TEENAGE GIRL 2: I think there is a generation of guys now that just don't quite understand intimacy. I mean, I know a lot of girls who are having sex these days with guys and they're not enjoying it, it's just for the guy.

DR JANET HALL: It's affordable, it's accessible and you can be anonymous, but the danger is that it's also highly addictive, and once you get involved, you might not be able to stop. OK, So here we have one site out of millions...

LIAM BARTLETT: As a clinical psychologist specialising in sex therapy, Dr Janet Hall has watched the explosion in pornography, hard-core images getting easier to view, no matter how old you are.

DR JANET HALL: So he clicks on 'Yes, I'm over 18'.


DR JANET HALL: One click and voila - straight into hard-core porn.

LIAM BARTLETT: There's obviously no-one on the other end policing this stuff. Ah, I mean, very easy to click the fact that you're over 18?

DR JANET HALL: That's right. You can pretend to be whoever you want to be when you surf for porn. You're playing with fire.

LIAM BARTLETT: It is a social time bomb?

DR JANET HALL: Well, I know from working with young people that young girls, like 13 or 14, are willing to have anal sex with boys they don't even know and they don't see that anal sex or oral sex is really sex, it's just something you do for fun and I think that's a time bomb.

LIAM BARTLETT: If you've got 16-year-old boys watching this stuff all the time, the sort of stuff that you did and worse, do you think they get an abnormal view of what a normal relationship should be?


LIAM BARTLETT: You don't think so?

JODIE MOORE: No, it shouldn't be like that, no. Because what goes on on the porn set, it's all... it's all acting. You know, we all put a face on for...

LIAM BARTLETT: That's what I'm saying. Do you think it's healthy?

JODIE MOORE: Is it healthy? Well, it's there. You can't stop it. So just a month ago, my Mum called me and asked me about a sex position.

LIAM BARTLETT: What sort of a sex position? A lot of mums would be horrified to know their children are even watching porn but Jodie's mum, Vicki, has had to face a far harsher truth - that her daughter is making it. When people ask you what Jodie does, do you look them in the eye?

VICKI: "A porn star."

LIAM BARTLETT: "She's a porn star"?

VICKI: "Porn star," and they don't believe me.

LIAM BARTLETT: Did you ever try to talk her out of it?


LIAM BARTLETT: You never did?

VICKI: No. It's not like she's a prostitute doing it, it's got nothing to do with it. Everything's done nicely, there wasn't smut. I mean, good on her. I'm very, very proud of her.

LIAM BARTLETT: Tell me honestly - what does your family think of this?

KIKI VIDIS: I think my Mum is quite supportive and my Dad says as long as I'm not hurting anyone... I don't think my grandparents know, but now they probably will.

LIAM BARTLETT: For someone who was working as a nurse just six months ago, Kiki is in one hell of a hurry - for money, for fame and this child of the YouTube generation knows she can get it on the Internet.

KIKI VIDIS: I know it sounds weird. but having all those people searching me and wanting to be my friends and wanting to see more of me, it's, it's ... not only just the ego boost, it makes me feel wanted, so...

LIAM BARTLETT: It makes you feel good to be part of that scene? To be a celebrity?

KIKI VIDIS: I'm, gosh, I'm not that yet. If I had more than 5,000 friends on MySpace then yeah, I might think so, but I don't.

LIAM BARTLETT: Kiki's star is already on the rise - recently signing with a big sex studio on the strength of her home-grown performances. She's just returned from America filming a staggering 32 hard-core films in just two months. But now, back home in her Gold Coast bedroom, Kiki is working on her own private, Internet empire for all the world to see.

KIKI VIDIS: It's made me well-known. It's got me into places that I didn't think I'd ever go. I've been to Playboy Mansion. It's certainly got me a lot of status, but at the end of the day, I'm still just the girl next door that lives on the Gold Coast.

LIAM BARTLETT: The notoriety of it is very attractive to you?

KIKI VIDIS: I don't know what that word means, but yes.

LIAM BARTLETT: OK, so whatever it takes?

KIKI VIDIS: Yeah, well, not whatever it takes. I won't do 'anything'.

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