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The Dame: Helen Mirren

Sunday, February 25, 2007
Reporter: Morley Safer, CBS 60 Minutes
Producer: Ruth Streeter

'The Dame' is, of course, Dame Helen Mirren. At 61, yes, 61, she is the reigning queen of Hollywood and hot favourite for tomorrow's Best Actress Oscar. It's certainly been a right royal year for her.

She's already won just about every award going for two really great performances - 'Elizabeth I' on television and 'The Queen', our Queen, at the movies.

But, as Morley Safer discovered, she's not your classic stuffy old dame. Take one look at her in the TV show 'Prime Suspect' and you'll soon realise why she's called "the thinking man's crumpet", why she specialises in playing formidable women, women with great power and great flaws.

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