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New Hope: The radical school helping kids with learning conditions rewire their brains

Friday, May 30, 2014

Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Stephen Rice

Parents will sacrifice everything to give their children the best chance at life.

And right now, 35 Australian families are in Canada for one last shot at helping their kids with learning difficulties, to read, write and add up.

It's a giant leap of faith: they've left their homes, their jobs - and often split their families - to enroll their children in a program that, on the surface, looks nothing like education.

The Arrowsmith School in Vancouver is all about re-wiring the brain, so that kids with conditions like dyslexia can, for the first time, learn how to learn.

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For more information about Arrowsmith Schools and Barbara Arrowsmith’s upcoming visit to Australia in June, go to:

For information on new and proposed Arrowsmith school programs in Australia go to:

If you think you may have a learning difficulty that could be helped by the Arrowsmith technique, here are some simple tests you can do at home: Arrowsmith cognitive function test.

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