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Sociologist Franco Ferrarotti tells Allison Langdon why people love Pope Francis in an "absolutely new and enthusiastic way".

60 Minutes reporter, Allison Langdon, discusses just what makes Pope Francis the most popular Pope of modern times.

Mike Munro made his debut on 60 Minutes with this story on Pope John Paul II in Rome before his visit to Australia In 1986.

Jane Reid on her great grandfather — Australia's original "Cattle King" Sidney Kidman and his outback adventures.

60 Minutes reporter, Charles Wooley, on the "quintessential" Australian story — the long cattle drove.

Come share a truly great Australian Outback adventure. There are drovers, there's drought, there's tradition. There's the location, the legendary Birdsville Track — 600 gruelling kilometres that only a bushie could love. And there's family.

60 Minutes reporter, Tara Brown, on progeria and the amazing work by doctors to search for a cure for the disease.

There's no easy way to put this. All the bright, gorgeous little kids you're about to meet are running out of time. They all have a rare and incurable genetic condition called progeria — they're ageing dramatically — at eight times the normal rate and most will literally die of old age before they reach 15.

Three years ago we met an extraordinary young girl called Hayley Okines. She was nine, literally going on 70 at the time, the tiny victim of a rare ageing disease called progeria. Now most kids with progeria only live until they're 13, killed by the same ailments that strike down the elderly.

60 Minutes reporter, Ray Martin, discussing Samantha Barlow's story and the complexities of anorexia.

Samantha Barlow reads an extract from her draft victim's impact statement.

Political activist, Panos Gazganos, tells of the similarities between Golden Dawn and Hitler's Nazis.

60 Minutes Reporter, Allison Langdon, discussing the uprising of Golden Dawn in Greece.

Germany goes to the polls this weekend with Chancellor Helmut Kohl seeking a record fifth term to extend his 16-year reign. But the four million unemployed who stand between Kohl and history are also what is bringing history uncomfortably back to life in Germany.

Spinal specialist, Doctor John Yeo, discussing the future of spinal cord injuries.

60 Minutes reporter, Georgie Gardner, discussing John McLean's remarkable physical achievements.

Watch: Stig Severinsen swims 75 metres under thick ice… in just a pair of budgie smugglers.

Watch: 377kg of pure cocaine goes up in smoke!

With the Taliban poised to take complete control over Afghanistan and impose their medieval rule, only a few pockets of resistance remain.

Pete Stefanovic attempts to break Stig Severinsen world record breath hold. See the results.

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