Extra Minutes
"I felt judged from day one"- Gerard Baden-Clay's former mistress, Toni McHugh, tells all.

Police video: See the police footage from Kholo Creek Bridge — the final resting place of Allison Baden-Clay.

Police video: Take the virtual tour inside Gerard Baden-Clay's house.

"It's a terrible way to meet decent people" — Superintendent Mark Ainsworth discussing Allison's legacy and the hard work of police in this investigation.

"No punishment is enough!" — Reporter Tara Brown discussing the captivating murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay.

Join Allison Langdon and the 60 Minutes crew, on their epic journey to find the mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park.

This is a story about Indonesia's jungle orphanage. Not for humans but for baby orangutans. Hundreds of incredibly cute but sadly orphaned orangutans, are getting a second chance at life.

Reporter Allison Langdon discussing the fight to save Africa's oldest national park from oil exploration.

A rare look inside Kylie Minogue's wardrobe from years gone by... including THOSE hotpants!

"I want to sing a duet with Kylie" — Karl Stefanovic confesses his passion for singing!

"I've never had a perm!" — Pop princess, Kylie Minogue talks about THAT hair, her early career and auditioning for Neighbours.

Kylie Minogue calls it "the annihilate Kylie period", that time when her work was dismissed, her every move criticised, her success derided.

At last! Scott and Charlene reunited...

On New Year's Eve 2013, 18-year-old Daniel Christie was fatally hit in Sydney's King's Cross. He was in a coma for 11 days before his family had to watch him die. Before Daniel, Michael McEwen was attacked by cowards at Bondi Beach just before Christmas.

There's a wild, mysterious place down south in the Roaring 40s. They call it Pedra Branca and it's known only to a few fishermen, sailors and the sharks.

Big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton, demonstrates the equipment he uses to ride the biggest waves in the world.

Watch as big wave surfers riding waves the size of a ten storey building.

See how they do it: Private Investigator and Security Consultant, Anthony Roman, reveals the tactics used by The Pink Panthers to steal millions of dollars' worth of jewels.<

Watch real CCTV footage from four of The Pink Panther's most daring heists.

They are four words you never want to hear - "this is a hold-up" - but plenty of people do.

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