Extra Minutes
60 Minutes reporter, Ray Martin, discussing Samantha Barlow's story and the complexities of anorexia.

Samantha Barlow reads an extract from her draft victim's impact statement.

Political activist, Panos Gazganos, tells of the similarities between Golden Dawn and Hitler's Nazis.

60 Minutes Reporter, Allison Langdon, discussing the uprising of Golden Dawn in Greece.

Germany goes to the polls this weekend with Chancellor Helmut Kohl seeking a record fifth term to extend his 16-year reign. But the four million unemployed who stand between Kohl and history are also what is bringing history uncomfortably back to life in Germany.

Spinal specialist, Doctor John Yeo, discussing the future of spinal cord injuries.

60 Minutes reporter, Georgie Gardner, discussing John McLean's remarkable physical achievements.

Watch: Stig Severinsen swims 75 metres under thick ice… in just a pair of budgie smugglers.

Watch: 377kg of pure cocaine goes up in smoke!

With the Taliban poised to take complete control over Afghanistan and impose their medieval rule, only a few pockets of resistance remain.

Pete Stefanovic attempts to break Stig Severinsen world record breath hold. See the results.

World number four surfer, Courtney Conlogue, describes the benefits of breath hold techniques when big wave surfing.

22 minutes underwater on one breath of air… what's the secret?

60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown discusses the ever increasing drug trade targeting Australia.

Bringing joy and happiness back to Afghanistan, Australian musician Jason Noble describes the benefits of music in children.

60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley discusses his journey to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Is this the most dangerous concert on the planet? Watch the Afghan youth orchestra perform.

Terrorism? Pilot Suicide? Tragic accident? We investigate what really happened to Flight MH370.

Author Leonie Wallace, details the horrific Portland murders. WARNING: This video contains graphic images and adult themes.

WATCH: 35,000 feet with NO ENGINES... See what happens next!

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