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Liam Knight has had an horrendous 20 months. In January last year Liam was speared through the skull with a metal pole, thrown by a teenage gatecrasher at an 18th birthday party. It was a miracle Liam survived.

Ever since the Edgerton brothers were boys, they've been embarking on adventures together. From the backyard bushland they'd knock around in as kids - to the backlots of Hollywood, Joel and Nash have been brothers in arms.

Maverick. Manic. Magnificent. Robin Williams was all of those things, and so much more. Tragically, he was also tormented by depression and, for much of his life, addiction.

This could be the strangest love story you'll ever see. A high flying London banker falling head over heels for a convicted drug mule serving life in a Bali prison.

For decades, Frank Dando has been taming troubled teenagers with his relentless regime of basic maths and English, a gruelling exercise routine and old-school discipline.

The Australian parents of baby Gammy have told their story to 60 Minutes.

They're the biggest fish in the ocean - making them one of the biggest targets for fishermen around the world.

Marijuana as medicine - especially for children - is something most people have a very firm view about.

Charles Wooley admits this story is personal. You see, it's the story of his birthplace - Scotland - and the historic decision it must make in September.

Dame Helen Mirren has never been more popular. The long-time leading lady with a career spanning four decades is known for her class, wit and no-nonsense attitude.

It's been the most painful of weeks as Australians have watched in anguish and anger at the slow recovery of bodies from the crash site of MH17. And for the families of those onboard, it's still a long and torturous journey, before their loved ones come home.

It began with the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian extremists. Then came the retribution killing of a fifteen year old Palestinian boy by Israeli extremists. Now this most brutal of conflicts has again spiralled into dreadful bloodshed.

60 Minutes reports on the unfolding situation in Ukraine where the bodies of 37 Australians remain unrecovered after Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was shot down.

Gerard Baden-Clay tried to portray himself as 'Mr Middle Class' — a successful small-businessman, proud father and loving and devoted husband. But the real Gerard was the complete opposite.

In the dark heart of Africa lies a place very few people have seen. It's called Virunga. And it's home to one of the last populations of mountain gorillas in the world.

Kylie Minogue has been part of our lives for nearly 30 years. She first burst onto the scene as Charlene in Neighbours, the tough, street-smart girl from Ramsay Street who took the knocks and dished them out.

It is the story of our times: young men with a skin-full, randomly attacking innocent people, with catastrophic consequences. Michael McEwen is the victim of a sickening one punch attack, who's surprised everyone with his will to live.

It could be one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 21st century - a cure for childhood cancer.

When you think of the biggest waves in the world, it's a fair bet that England's south coast isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

The French Riviera is the summer haven for the richest of the rich. Millionaires and billionaires go there to laze in the sun, drink cocktails and shop.

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