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Gareth Harvey

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Gareth Harvey

Gareth joined 60 Minutes the year the show began – in 1979 as a 19-year-old cadet.

Thirty-odd years on, he’s been around the television world and back again.

He's produced for leading international newsmagazine programs like America’s CBS 60 Minutes and ABC News 20/20 as well as directing blue-chip documentaries for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

In 2010, Gareth won the coveted US National News and Documentary Emmy Award in New York for Outstanding Feature Story in a News Magazine, South Africa's Shame: Modern-Day Slavery and the World Cup – produced for HD Net World Report.

Last year Gareth came back home to 60 Minutes, and he's already faced both the dangers of Somalia and the wrath of Sarah Ferguson – illustrating, if he ever needed confirmation of the fact, just what a unique place 60 Minutes is.

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