Charles Wooley: The App Revolution

Sunday, July 1, 2012
CHarles Wooley.

It’s an App-ening thing!

I have discovered the world of Apps where one simple, sometimes silly, idea sold for 99 cents can overnight turn you into a multi-millionaire. Or so I am hoping.

In the course of reporting on this latest IT phenomenon, the App revolution, I decided I should get myself a slice of the action and so I built my own App. A decision-making App called “Charlies Choice” which is now on sale in the App store for 99 cents - a bargain, if you ask me.

Anyone can do this as I demonstrate in my story, though admittedly I did start with the advantage of getting to talk to the world’s most successful App-preneurs as well as getting an audience with the man who made all this madness possible, Steve Wozniak, the co-inventor of the Apple computer.

Well, you need a bit of an edge, don’t you?

When an App takes off, “going viral” they call it, it can sell hundreds of millions, given that there’s a global market place with billions of potential customers.

You do the sums.

So, I mightn’t see you again. I’m going to be too busy counting my money.

Though there’s probably an App for that, too.

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