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Before we started filming this story, I had always imagined at least two certainties about myself. One, that I was the last person you would call a wowser and secondly, that I’d seen a fair bit of life on my travels with 60 Minutes and not too much would shock me.

Well, after spending hours on end with a porn queen, an aspiring porn queen, a swinging sex writer and a bloke who keeps his porn collection in the middle of his lounge-room, I think I might have to smack both those character assessments into the ‘in-doubt’ tray.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the usual bump n’ grind videos or even the extremely graphic, heavy-duty pornography that proved so amazing. It was more the way in which the people involved in this booming industry manage to normalize it so easily.

Jodie Moore, for example, would choose two complete strangers to bonk in front of a camera with the same ease that I would use to spread vegemite on my breakfast toast.

She honestly thought that giving her mother advice on how much lubricant to use for a particular sex act was the sort of conversation everyone has. Then there was Holly and Phil, who have set up one bedroom in their two-bedroom apartment as a “sling room”, complete with hanging chains, wrist cuffs and leather harnesses. All completely normal.

And that is why it was important for us to examine this subject. It’s not about gratuitous titillation; it’s about what’s becoming the norm among the ‘You-Tube’ generation and how that will affect all of us.

Intuitively, we all know what the sociologists and psychologists are beginning to vocalise; that despite porn being good, dirty fun in many households, it’s also becoming a very destructive addiction and a dangerous influence on adolescent minds.

If you don’t believe that, then how’s this for a wake-up call – every second, somewhere around the world, 28,258 internet users are viewing porn and many of them are paying money to see it.

So much so, that $3,075.64 is spent, every second, just on porn. The fact is that ‘sex’ is the most searched word on the net, and just about every business model that is making big money on the web has taken its lead from that.

Incredibly, a lot of porn is being made by a new generation of amateurs, like Kiki Vidis. Just turned 19, Kiki has a brand new home on the Gold Coast that she recently purchased with her newly acquired ‘hard-core’ income.

The house that porn built is a family affair but it’s certainly not your average family.

For reasons I find difficult to fathom, her mother is happy to sit back and watch while Kiki essentially up-loads her sex-life, and more, on her way to finding a dubious path to fame and fortune. Kiki told me she started as a stripper, the same way Jodie did.

Interestingly, Jodie admitted to me, off-camera, that the really big money in porn (for women) is in escort services. According to her, once your name appeared on enough DVD covers, you could earn in excess of $1500 per hour for what is really prostitution. Kiki though, insisted that it all made her feel glamorous, wanted and even while she was making the porn, very sexy.

She told me that on top of all that, her self-esteem had actually improved because she now had so many admirers. I didn’t believe a word of it. I don’t care how condescending this might sound but by the end of my time with Kiki, I felt sorry for her. To me, she was a sad and lonely teenager with hardly a real friend to speak of.

Jodie, on the other hand, is likeable, funny and bubbly and as hard as nails. She claims to be out of the business now and working in a nursing retirement home, helping the elderly as her way of giving back to society.

Well, maybe.

A quick search of her website reveals recruitment ads for aspiring porn stars and, overall, one gets the feeling she is still well and truly making money out of the industry.

Good luck to her but for anyone who thinks it’s a great way to get by in life, I would ask one question; would you want your daughter doing it? Jodie’s answer to that question was especially insightful. No.

User comments
aiyyyyyyyyyya there now im just going t spill who do you people think you are no you arnt who you think you are you all need to use a bit of commen sense and wake up to your self and act like adults so grow up and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from tanesha
Ive never met Kiki Vidis, only followed the start of her career at ADT, but from what Ive read from and about her, she is very friendly and caring. "She told me that on top of all that, her self-esteem had actually improved because she now had so many admirers. I didn’t believe a word of it." Thats your problem, not Kikis. I know a lot of girls, who perfomed in porn, enjoyed it and improved from it psychologically. Of course, the opposite is possible too. Porn can boost your self-esteem, can really improve your life, but it can also destroy your life. You have to met the right people in porn. "(..)but by the end of my time with Kiki, I felt sorry for her. To me, she was a sad and lonely teenager with hardly a real friend to speak of." Maybe (girl-)friends have problems with her performance in porn. Australias society and government is too conservative. Many girls want to break free from this puritanism. In my opinion, female pornstars are the new feminists of the 21st century.
head out to your local night club and look at all the single woman (even marred) that are willing to go home with a total stranger to have a one night stand. whats the difference? they are not doing it for love or for a long term relationship. they are doing it because they like sex and that they like to be liked, except they are not getting paid. also at least in the sex industry there is frequent STD checks, what night clubs offer that? also if a woman goes home from a club with a bloke, who knows what he is going to do with her when he gets her home? i say i you like sex and your not looking for a relationship, make a living out of it.
Didn't know about Kiki before this. Now I have all her movies...thanks...
Lol I cant stand how these reporters get involved in stories like this. More sensationalism than anything. Last bias story condeming Russia when they responded to the muderous surprise attack on South Ossetia disgusted me. There is much history and depth involved in that conflict with many sides to the story.
For those who've struggled with Internet Pornography and want to get some great resources check out a Melbourne based guy whose come through such a degrading habit and now is out to help others. www.adrianrowse.com.au He is a modern day Freedom Fighter for the youtube generation!
I was exploited in the 'sex industry' from the age of 17 to 20. Almost 20 years later I am struggling with depression, anxiety, employment and relationship problems. For every female they show happy in this industry, there are many more who enter this industry via force, coercion, lack of education and employment options, homelessness, addiction, family dysfunction and past sexual abuse. Many females are taught from a young age that their worth lies in their bodies and sexuality, so they play that out in later life. Sadly there are many men willing to take advantage of that situation regardless of the circumstances of the female. Pornography & prostitution are incredibly damaging. I fear these women will find that out further down the line when it is too late. This is not about sexuality. True, free expressions of sexuality are not bought and sold over the Internet. That is just an argument invented to defend an industry that deals in the degradation and subordination of females.
For cryin out loud! Some of you really need to wake up and step back into reality. Whether or you not you agree with what this girl is doing, she is not the first and is hardly going to be the last. Just because you wouldnt have sex for money does not mean someone else can not, or should not. I was always taught this was a free country. For whatever reason she chooses, Kiki and other pornstars and prostitutes have freely made the decision to enter the sex industry. Some people are not ashamed of their bodies, even more amazing is the fact that some people actually enjoy sex. For someone to say that her work is sad, degrading and distusting shows just how ill informed or arrogant you are. It kind of seems stupid to judge a person based on their career choice and sexuality. Why is sex so dirty and immoral????
I found kiki and her side kicks to be extremely off putting they are degrading themselves and trying to drag down the entire female race by being so brazen about their sex habits. Let's face it severe lack of attention & low self esteem must have contibuted to this sick way of life because most people with half a brain know that they wouldn't be seen dead in the porn industry it is far too degrading for most civilised people.
I was shocked that kiki was so brazen and so despertae for attention something bad must have happened inher life for her to want to do this incredibly degrading work. I am a very lucky woman my partner was the one who switched her off saying he had seen enough & he also knew that it was making me uncomfotable. I was shocked and deeply saddned by this porn segamant on 60 min it's almost as if no-one appears to have self respect anymore.

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