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Allison Langdon - Swimming with rays , I had just shot a story on the Burning Coalfields of India. So from a place that comes close to hell, I flew into paradise: the Maldives. I was there to try to witness and capture on video one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world.
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Tara Brown - Pursuing the doctor title , Doctor Terry Vo – the name and title has a good ring to it, and I have no doubt that in the not too distant future, we’ll be hearing it a lot. At present, Dr Terry Vo is really just Terry Vo, an almost 18-year-old Curtin University student in Perth.
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Allison Langdon - Walking on fire , This job takes you to some of the most spectacular places on the planet, but it also takes you to some of the most confronting corners of the world. Jharia, in far eastern India, is one of those places.
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Liz Hayes - My time with Russell Brand , What I’m about to write is not going to please all. Some may even be offended and others may just not believe me. All I can say is look away or read something that nice boy Peter Overton might have written. I’m about to tell you a story about Russell Brand, the bad boy British comedian and now actor, and, one-time husband to pop star Katy Perry.
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Liam Bartlett - The journey into hell , It's an odd feeling entering a country without a passport or visa and knowing the ruling regime doesn't want you there. Especially when your port of entry is a hole in a fence. But getting into Syria was, strangely enough, the easy part of the assignment.
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Allison Langdon - My time on patrol in Brazil ,

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s largest city with roughly the same population as ALL of Australia. It’s a concrete jungle where multi-million homes that are heavily fortified press against favelas, makeshift suburbs that stretch on for kilometres. The gap between rich and poor here is just extraordinary, and it’s for this reason that Sao Paulo has for many years been known as the kidnapping capital of the world.

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Charles Wooley - My favourite interview , Sir David Attenborough hates the question most asked of him: "What is your favourite animal?" Not to compare myself with the great man, but for me the question most asked: "Who is your favourite interview?" gives me no grief at all.
Quick as a flash I answer: "David Attenborough".
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Liz Hayes - 'And I thought I was a hoarder' , I always thought I was a bit of a hoarder. Not a collector so much as someone who had trouble parting with stuff. And my stuff, which seemed to multiply in coloured layers like my mother’s rainbow cake, was mostly clothes, and, oh yeah, shoes. But recently I met Richard Wallace. Richard is a bona fide hoarder. I mean he really hangs on to stuff.
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Liz Hayes: Swimming with Crocodiles , You know when you hear those stories about people doing incredible things, but they’re things you’d never ever, ever, ever dream of doing yourself because you think, that’s crazy. Well, I’ve been reporting on one of those stories.
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Allison Langdon: A Bizarre Encounter , How is this for a bizarre first meeting? Arriving at Doug Seus' home in Utah, we walk around a corner into his backyard to find the 70-year-old lazing in a plastic arm chair. There's nothing strange about that. We take another two steps, and stop in our tracks … there in front of us sits a 700kg grizzly bear, about two metres from Doug's feet!
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