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Survival: the women's team

Sunday, February 11, 2001

Sorrel Wilby is an award-winning adventurer, author, photographer, journalist, and television reporter with Getaway. She is no stranger to physical challenges and her many adventures include the world's first complete traverse of the Himalayas (6,500km), a solo 3,000km trek across Tibet, cycling 17,000km through Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Thailand and most recently, climbing all the major peaks and ranges on the African continent.

Terri Poole is a vision-impaired Paralympian who holds five world records in tandem cycling. She enrolled in the Survival course to "build a visual library" for when she becomes completely blind.

Sara Winter works in the area of wetland rehabilitation. She was attracted to the incredible challenge the Survival course offered and was in search of personal growth.

Judy Szabo has recently experienced a marriage break-up. She is a school teacher seeking a career change and would like to work in eco-tourism. She enrolled in the Survival course hoping it would help her find a new direction.

Nancy Cunningham is co-founder (with her husband Gene) of an Australian missionary church. She is also a marathon runner. She wanted to do the course as a challenge and to learn how to survive in harsh conditions.

Stephanie Hill is a biologist and tour guide. She signed up for the Survival course to help her get a job in conservation.

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