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In the Pink

Friday, September 14, 2012

Reporter: Peter Overton
Producer: Steven Burling

On stage, she's a feisty rock chick — a woman with a big voice whose songs can make a bloke feel very small indeed.

Just ask her husband.

So it always surprises us how approachable and down to earth Pink is.

When Peter Overton caught up with her in Los Angeles recently, she had hubbie Carey Hart and new daughter Willow in tow. They're as normal a family as you'd find and incredibly welcoming.

Motherhood clearly suits Pink, we would even say she's mellowed since our last meeting. But some things don't change. She still packs a wicked sense of humour.

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Full transcript:

STORY – PETER OVERTON: It’s fair to say that Pink is one of a kind. I love your bike-riding outfit by the way.

PINK: Why, thank you.

PETER OVERTON: We’re at the Sony Film Studios in Los Angeles, and I’m getting a guided tour of the back-lot.

PINK: Stage 22 is my home right now.

PETER OVERTON: After becoming a mum 15 months ago, Pink is now getting back to work. How are you enjoying being back from maternity leave, if you like?

PINK: I love it! It’s good, it’s good. It’s like riding a bicycle!

PETER OVERTON: Back in the saddle? Pink is literally “getting the band back together.” They’re rehearsing her new songs, and preparing for another extended run, on the road. But it’s a very different Pink to the woman I first met six years ago. These days Pink’s life revolves around her daughter, little Willow – who I got to meet when she dropped onto set for playtime.

PINK: She’s pretty like her daddy and funny like her mamma. And she’s crazy.

PETER OVERTON: Has it changed you in any way as a person?

PINK: It’s changed me in every way.


PINK: There’s not - there’s not a single way that I’m still the person I was before. I used to be a hypochondriac, I’d check my pulse a lot. Now I’m fine! I haven’t checked my own pulse in a year and a half! But now I’m, like, she feel warm to you? I think she feels warm to me. Is she sleeping, is she breathing, does she like me?

PETER OVERTON: So you do go into her bedroom at night just to check she’s breathing?

PINK: Absolutely. And Carey yells at me, "Don’t wake her up!" I’m like, but she’s breathing so shallow!

PETER OVERTON: To me, it’s a purity of love. Knocks me out every moment of the day.

PINK: Absolutely. Especially for a dad and a daughter. And just to watch Carey. And I know he loves me, but you know, we’ve been through what we’ve been through. And when this little girl came I just got to watch my man just stumble awkwardly into his first love - true love affair. And it’s just like - ahh, it just takes your breath away. Can you reach it? I can’t reach it. Oh it’s so close – can you reach it?

PETER OVERTON: Pink and husband Carey Hart are understandably obsessed with Willow Sage.

CAREY: Hi, munchkin.

PETER OVERTON: The motocross star and rock star have been together for more than a decade. But their relationship has, at times, been more than a little tumultuous. There was an early split, a reconciliation, then a marriage in 2006 - but in 2008 it seemed the relationship was over. I remember when I met you, you were saying, here’s Carey. You introduced me to him.

PINK: Yeah.

PETER OVERTON: The most incredible, lovable man I’ve ever met.

PINK: He is.

PETER OVERTON: Then you had this big bump.

PINK: Oh yeah. I think the bump was the most important part of our relationship. I think, um, for young ’uns we got together very young and we are very hard-headed and we also have huge lives separately. We had to get rid of some of our individualism.

PETER OVERTON: So what brought you back together?

PINK: Me, I get what I want! I basically tricked him back!

PETER OVERTON: What trick did you play, Pink?

PINK: No, hurried up and got pregnant! No, I’m just kidding! Totally kidding!

PETER OVERTON: You’re an evil lady.

PINK: I’m totally kidding.

PETER OVERTON: As difficult as the breakup with Carey was, it did provide rich material for her songs. 'So What?!', with the not so subtle jabs at Carey, became Pink’s biggest hit yet.

PINK: I didn’t want to put out a song that was eating him alive publically and not give him a chance to be aware, defend himself, be in on the joke with me. So I really wanted him to be in the video.

PETER OVERTON: But you wrote a song where you called him a tool.

PINK: I learned the word tool from him.

PETER OVERTON: I’m a rock star. I’ve got my rock moves. I don’t want you tonight.

PINK: Yep. Didn’t.

PETER OVERTON: Didn’t? And he’s in your film clip. I would’ve run a million miles if my ex put me out there and it became a global hit.

PINK: No. Well, when he showed up for the video he hadn’t heard the song.


PINK: He trusts me, deeply, and I told the video director - only play lines two, eight and eleven!

PETER OVERTON: They were the softer lines, were they?

PINK: They were the "I got rock moves", those kinds of lines. So what.

PETER OVERTON: So how did he react when he heard lines seven, nine and eleven?

PINK: I wasn’t there! The video was already shot!

CAREY: I’ve got a good sense of humour and a really thick skin. So there’s not much that shocks me these days.

PINK: The best part was he opened a club in Vegas and I got to perform 'So What?!' to him, to his face, in his club opening night. It was fan- just fantastic. So much fun.

PETER OVERTON: It was a blessing in disguise that song - it actually opened you up and actually got you back talking to each other?

PINK: Probably

CAREY: Probably

PINK: You’re welcome.

PETER OVERTON: While the path to true love may not have been smooth, there have been no obstacles in Pink’s pop career. Apart from turning out catchy pop albums, Pink’s fans adore her for what she represents. She’s outspoken, a bit wild - and since her mid-teens she’s lived the rock-star lifestyle to the full. There will come a day when Willow says, "Mamma, tell me about your childhood."

PINK: Oh I’ll tell her anything she wants to know.

PETER OVERTON: What drugs did you take? You’ll answer that question?

PINK: Absolutely. I feel like knowledge is power. I’m not going to raise a daughter to be a liar or to be sneaky. I’m not going to raise a daughter that’s pro-drugs. I’m not gonna support it. But she’s going to be educated. She’s gonna know exactly what she’s doing.

PETER OVERTON: She’ll know it all - of your life?

PINK: 75 percent of it. Whatever is going to be helpful for her growth as a human.

PETER OVERTON: You’re so honest, Pink. Do you ever regret how open you have been? Do you ever think, "You know what, should've pulled that back", or…

PINK: Ahh! No. I feel like I really gave my family hell. They didn’t sign up for this - I did. But my mum went to 'The Enquirer' and did a story, so we’re good!

PETER OVERTON: They really haven’t got you on anything, the tabloids, have they?

PINK: They can’t.

PETER OVERTON: That’s right.

PINK: If you name it first, it takes the wind out of it.

PETER OVERTON: But Pink has not completely escaped tabloid attention. Just a month after giving birth last year, Pink’s physique was in the frame of prying paparazzi. I ask you this question in the framework of your brutal honesty throughout your life, but a lot of women feel a real pressure with the post-pregnancy weight issue.


PETER OVERTON: Did you feel-

PINK: I could see why.

PETER OVERTON: Did you feel that pressure?

PINK: Yes and no. I was so incredibly... This is the nicest I’ve ever been to myself as far as, ah, physically. I read, I see the articles “I lost 55 pounds in five minutes! I ate watermelon and spinach!” And I’m like, I have a daughter that’s rad, I’m just getting to know her. No thank you. I’ll have another piece of cheesecake please.

PETER OVERTON: But that pressure, you know, because so many mums do and they see people like Pink or whatever and go, how did she do it?

PINK: I’m still going, I’m still working on it. But I work out really hard. I just decided to wait a while before I went back at it, because I think life is to be cherished and experienced.

PETER OVERTON: After relishing the first year of motherhood, Pink is now well and truly back into work mode. She’s preparing for her latest album release, 'The Truth About Love', the promotion that goes along with it, and the inevitable touring. Like any new mum, there is an inner conflict. You asked yourself, "Should I go back to work?"

PINK: Uh huh. It’s a question I ask myself every day - should I go back to work? She’ll appreciate it later. What if it’s too soon? Oh, you name it. Hi guys!

PETER OVERTON: It’s 100 percent about Willow.

PINK: It’s 100 percent about Willow.

CAREY: Yeah, definitely. She’s a lucky little girl. She’s got two really hands-on parents.

PINK: And a really pretty Dad!

PETER OVERTON: Gee, she loves you.

CAREY: Lucky me!

PETER OVERTON: Returning to work inevitably means a return to the gym.

PINK: Arms, wrap and basically me pushing down on my foot is what’s keeping me there. And you climb all the way to the top - and again, I’m still working on my strength.

PETER OVERTON: Do you have good muscle memory, or does it disappear?

PINK: Oh yeah, I have muscle memory, but they’re just waking up.

PETER OVERTON: Pink trained for eight years as a gymnast, and this skill certainly gave her the confidence to tackle extraordinarily complicated routines in her live shows. Pink’s 2009 Australian 'Funhouse Tour' was part pop-spectacle, part Cirque du Soleil.

PINK: I didn’t even care if anyone liked it. I was like, this is awesome! I like being scared. And it’s beautiful and I can sing upside down.


PINK: And going for it.

PETER OVERTON: You do sing upside down, don’t you?

PINK: I sing upside - I sing better upside down than I do right side!

PETER OVERTON: Is it frightening every night?

PINK: Terrifying. It’s also Drea, my trainer - she lectures me. You’re never, ever going to go on automatic pilot. You’re never, ever going to get comfortable. You’re always gonna have a healthy fear of this, or else I’m taking that away from you.

PETER OVERTON: So individualistic Pink actually listens when it comes to someone saying, you be careful?

PINK: Absolutely. I’m a team player when it comes to touring. And sometimes marriage!

PETER OVERTON: That’s good news for Carey. He and Willow will be joining Pink on the road - wherever that takes them.

PETER OVERTON: How can you outdo what you did in Australia?

PINK: It’s gonna be hard to top that show, but that’s my job. If I have to wrap myself in Velcro and shoot myself out of a cannon and land on Carey mid-air on a motorcycle - I’m gonna consider it!

PETER OVERTON: We’ll look for that act!

PINK: There will be one show!

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