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Chat: Jill Taylor

Monday, June 11, 2012
60 Minutes held a live interview with Jill Taylor, one of the owners of Black Caviar. Full transcript below:

Nick asks: how did you come to own black caviar?

Jill Taylor: There is a group of 4 couples who go on a houseboat each year and had been talking about owning a horse for a few years. One day we all decided to act upon that and one of the couples in the group are friends with my husband and asked him to join in so we became the fifth couple.

John asks: What was it like to be honoured by the queen to be invited to race at Ascot?

Jill Taylor: Meeting the Queen was an absolute thrill it felt like we were in a fairytale. She was engaging, warm and welcoming. She knew all about Black Caviar and was pleased to have her racing at Ascot. She wished us all the best and said she hopes she wins, and she did !


Paul asks: How does it work Black Caviar has 7 owners? do each of them have time with the horse? or does it spend all the time with the trainer?

Jill Taylor: On paper it works out to be 7 owners and one owner is a syndicate which includes his sons. Black Caviar doesn't spend her time with any owners. She is at the stables at Moody Racing at Caulfield. When she goes out on a spell she will be elsewhere. If we wish to see her we go to visit her where she is at the time.

John asks: What did the queen say to you when you spoke with her?

Jill Taylor: She welcomed us to the UK. She asked about our horse such as general questions and how she was and what our feeling was about her racing in the UK. She knew she was undefeated and she knew it was her 22 race. She asked what we think of Ascot and the track, we actually discussed the track. We were all saying it's different to our tracks in Australia which are on very flat land whereas Ascot is undulating. Not as much as newmarket but still different to our flat tracks in Australia.

Jack asks: Was there a big reception when the horse arrived in England? or was it a quiet secure entry?

Jill Taylor: She didn't slip in quietly but it wasn't a huge reception either. They were waiting for her and she wore a compression suit and that created a lot of attention. The media jumped onto the suit and there was a lot of talk about that. The media conferences were quite regulated and managed well. As far as Black Caviar she was happy to be in the stables safe and sound.

Nick asks: how does it feel to own the horse that has now beaten the world famous Phar Lap ?

Jill Taylor: Before I answer that we don't like to make the comparison as horse owners we are very aware of Pharlap and the brilliance of that horse in history. It's a different era. The feeling we have for our horse is one that we can't really put into words. It's surreal, we pinch ourselves. How did we become this lucky. Also it's a huge responsibility. We know all of Australia is behind us and loves and cares for our horse. It is like we are the custodians of this treasured animal.

Horsey asks: When and where was Black Caviar foaled?

Jill Taylor: Rick Jamieson at Gilgai Farm at Nagambie bred her - She foaled in 2006. Her parents are Bel Espirit and Helsinge

bonfire0448 asks: After Nelly crossed the line and trotted up the straight we all thought she was lame. Can you confirm that she has torn muscles??

Jill Taylor: I can't confirm that, I’ve not spoken to Peter Moody as yet, so this is something that will be confirmed soon. I have read about it online but have yet to confirm it.

jrow2012 asks: when you first became involved with the great horse did you ever expect her to go so great and become so big !!

Jill Taylor: No, we never expected her to be this wonderful. I don't think you expect any horse to be this great, you hope they will be healthy and fine and we realised we were onto a good thing after the second or third race and it got better as each race went on. None of us dreamed it would reach these heights.

Chris asks: How was the feeling in the last 75m of the race? It's customary for Luke to finish off her races in a similar fashion, but those other two horses were finishing so fast. Did you think that she may have been nabbed on the finish line?

Jill Taylor: Personally I thought she won, it was very close. I thought she won and when they yelled photo finish I was shocked. Then I thought perhaps I didn't see it right then it was confirmed. But yes I was quite shocked at how close the other horses got and it's something we haven't been used to. We've not been in that position before.

OffPitch asks: Is there a spring program mapped out if she is well? Does it include Hong Kong?

Jill Taylor: Until we see how she pulls up no decisions will be made. We won't be racing at Newmarket which was a potential race. She will go back to Melbourne and depending on how she goes and should she wish to continue racing we will look at the spring and Hong Kong is a definite option. Black Caviar will let us know what she wants to do.

Keasy asks: we are so proud to have a great horse like Black Caviar, do you think you will get into other horses after she goes to stud? Or go out on a once in a lifetime high?

Jill Taylor: We already have other horses. The particular syndicate we are with has 3 horses together and one of those is Black Caviar. The other two were purchased subsequent to Black Caviar. We all love racing.

vici asks: Hi Jill. was wondering if you are all exhausted. it looks like you have had an exhausting pace over the last couple of days? Did Thalzy get to meet Prince Harry?

Jill Taylor: We are not exhausted we're still on such a high. We've been on the high since we landed and it's been go go go but we've not landed on our feet yet. We are still very excited. Thalzy didn't meet Prince Harry as he was probably at Prince William's 30th birthday bash so we didn't see him, but she had an amazing time nevertheless.

granddad asks: Was the jockey saying Black Caviar had just about used up all her energy coming to the end of the race?

Jill Taylor: I haven't heard him say that, Luke wanted to look after her it had been agreed that she was there to only win the race, not show how much she can win by. We are absolutely thrilled that she did that and delighted with the whole thing.

kristy asks: Hi Jill, Congratulations!!! I was just watching the Ascot footage and noticed you and some of the other Black Caviar Ladies all had the same earrings, what is the story behind this?

Jill Taylor: The earrings were purchased after the first or second race by Lena Attebo who is Neil Werrett's partner for the ladies in the syndicate in the jockey's silks colours, as lucky charms. We have worn them to every race meeting. The men have the same in cufflinks.

RicOne_411 asks: How can each one of us as public acknowledge Black Caviar for her efforts?

Jill Taylor: Be proud of what she has achieved for her and for what she has done for the racing industry in Australia.

bkmc asks: Have you heard of a young filly called Tai Tai Tess?

Jill Taylor: I've heard of her and she's a good class horse.

brad asks: Jill....what do you think the long term future of the horse is at this stage

Jill Taylor: The long term future she's going home for a rest and then as I said earlier she will let us know when she's ready to race again, or whether it's the end of her racing career and perhaps the beginning of her career of being a mum.

Interviewer: Jill, thanks very much for joining us tonight! Any final comments before we wrap up?

Jill Taylor: If I can just say that on behalf of the owners we are very proud of our horse and she has made us and our country very proud and we are grateful for all the wonderful support of all Australia. Thank you for having me tonight.

Interviewer: This concludes our chat with Jill Taylor, Sunday June 24, 2012.

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