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Charles Wooley - My favourite interview

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Sir David Attenborough hates the question most asked of him: "What is your favourite animal?"

Not to compare myself with the great man, but for me the question most asked: "Who is your favourite interview?" gives me no grief at all.

Quick as a flash I answer: "David Attenborough".

I grew up with his wildlife programmes. I have long delighted in his excursions to the most remote parts of the planet and his escapades with the inhabitants there. Who can ever forget his close encounter with the great apes in "Life On Earth"?

In a time when human beings have never been more out of touch and disconnected from Nature, Attenborough’s astonishing output of SEVENTY documentaries have informed an estimated half a billion people and done a great service to the planet.

He does it with such grace and engagement that I’ve never heard even the reddest of necks denounce him as a "bloody Greenie".

Like the Queen, he is above ideology and politics. He is Mother Nature’s gentleman, her best advocate and, of course, a delight to interview.

User comments
Dear David Attenborough my ten years old son has autism. He love to meet you. He's name is Joseph. When he grow up he want to be like you.
I would like to send Sir David some fan mail, would some one have an email address.
I am a big fan of Sir David's however it baffles me still that someone of his knowledge still believes in Global warming and Carbon emission as pollution. This is just a load of hot air !!!! Ask the scientists ( the true scientists , not those make believe mongers!) Long live the planet.
Its always great seeing Sir David. I am an aspiring documentary film maker and of course Sir David is my hero. I have never written fan mail before, but I figure its about time. Would some one be able to give me an email address where I can send it, it would be much appreciated!
Sir David is the VOICE...soothing..and totally charming !! I could listen to him for hours..
was a really great piece, thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's to many more years on TV, David is a cut above the rest. As an Englishman first, and Aussie citizen second, David really makes me proud of my roots.
How sad it is to see that a man who had witnessed the amazing creation of God fails to acknowledge it's creator - and instead of seeing a worm in child's eye on that causes them to go blind as some sort of proof that God doesn't exist instead doesn't instead ask why it exists?? - He sadly with all his knowledge is a fool
Great story Charles regarding the story about DAVID ATTENBOROUGH, until he mentioned climate change, what a load of rubbish, the earth is going through a natual cycle as its done for thousands of years, these scentist get big grants for spinning this rubbish, and you were also sucked in, after that i turned off Mal Engadine
Wow what an interveiw..."beautiful"..Sir David Attenbourgh..you sir are a legend.. What made it so special...the interveiwer seemed a bit awe stuck ..wonder ful to see.WELL DONE.
What a true gentlemen that has touch so many hearts young and old with teaching us about so many animals in our world thank you Sir David

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