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Charles Wooley: When I Was Young

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Compared with the life I had growing up, my kids seem cossetted and over protected. Just like everybody else's kids.

The days of disappearing over the back paddock or into the bush and only reappearing at dinner time are long gone and along with them sling-shots and cycling with the wind in your hair.

We had bows and arrows and home-made rafts and canoes and didn't have to wear lurid floatation devices. Back in those days kids floated. They were also presumed indestructible.

Now, I know most of what I have just said is today politically incorrect and indeed even illegal. But are we protecting our kids to death? To my mind, our present generation of couch potato kids is in greater danger from epidemic diabetes and all the other diseases that go with inactivity.

So did my story about a great bunch of American kids who shoot huge waterfalls in kayaks remind me of the glorious days of my own heroic youth? In my dreams!

Never would I have plummeted over a twenty-storey waterfall at two hundred kilometres an hour into the boiling waters below. No I had too robust a sense of self-preservation!

But I tell you, I would have worshipped anyone who did.

And I still do. But would I want my kids to do it?

User comments
was firstly most impressed with the extreme kayaking story you ran last night. but am now a bit confused. saw this you tube clip today showing Tyler Bradt setting a record on the same water fall over a year ago ???
Tyler Brandt has dropped off palouse falls as well. Not sure if it was b4 or after this guy. But he stayed in his kayak. This story should have been on him.

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